Monday, May 19, 2014

Attack of the strep infection and chicken pox

2 weeks ago, my baby got strep infection near her right eye. at first it was only a small cut near the eye but then the cut get bigger and starting to spread to the eyelid. First we thought it was nothing but a visit to specialist gave us the scare. He said the infection near the eye can cause the bacteria to go inside the eye and finally infect the brain.We were lucky we go to doctor early. he gave lily oral antibiotics and some cream antibiotic. Within few days the eye no longer swelling and the cut began to heal.

Meanwhile, while she's recovering from her strep infection, she got infected with chicken pox. I presume she got it from taska. Kesian sangat my baby with chicken pox. Luckily she's a strong fever and tak merengek2. Doctor gave her cream for the spot and ubat tahan gatal to her. she stay home for 2 weeks.

Now, mommy got infected with chicken pox. i never had chicken pox when i was a kid which is why i easily got infected. i have to tell u, it is horribleeeeee!!! all my hard work to take care of my face now go down to drain.Pox all over the face. And I should  be celebrating my birthday this friday. I feel soooo lucky!!haha
Just hoping this pox will go away as soon as possible.

Strep infection..mula2 kene kat bawah mulut..

Yg ni masa die dah merebak kat mata..mula2 luka kecik je kat corner mata then die makan sampai kat kelopak mata...sian sgt anak mommy...

Kene pakai socks kat tgn sbb xmau lily garu

Budak chicken pox

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