Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New York City 2009

Sepatutnye study GE lab manual sekarang tapi sedang malas..huhu
NYC trip was fun. This will be my last trip to NYC before heading back to Malaysia for good...sedihnye da nak abis studyyy..Most of the time kitorang gi shopping..waaaa...bankruptcy on the waayy..
First day activity= Urban outfitters @14th street, Marc by marc jacobs and Magnolia Bakery!!
I bought matching shirt for me and Shukri, necklace, and Flipflop for 6 bux!heee..happyyy! afterwards, ina belanja Magnolia cupcakes..kami sangat la terpengaruh dgn Sex and The City!
then, we head up to 42street and went to quicksilver, hardrock cafe, and toys 'r' us.
Breakfast @ Dunkin

Marc Jacobs and Magnolia
In front Hard Rock Cafe

Second day: pegi HR again sbb nak carikan shirt for Shukri. But first, we went to Bryant Park. Jalan from 33rd street to 47th, cari Broadway ticket for The Little Mermaid..heeee..Little Mermaiddddd...=) Then we had dinner kat Bubba Gump.AGAIN.*cam everytime gi NYC makan kat sini*

Camwhoring dalam Hard Rock sementara tunggu Shukri call pilih baju

Camwhoring di tgh2 times square

Gedik attack!!

Thanks to Ina for the nice picture

Another gedik attack

After Little Mermaid ke before??tak ingat..huhu