Saturday, May 29, 2010


nak bercerita tentang kesukaan saye yg terbaru.....


The phone's name is LG lollipop..cute riteeee...
i was looking for my Birthday present with my boyfriend when i come across this's soooo damn cute..
HOWEVER, not enough cash to buy it...sob..sob..
i'll still be dreaming of u my lollipoopp..
tata for noww...

ps: The price is like 850rm. not tht expensive.but i rather spend tht amount of money to buy a Micheal Kors watch..huhu

Monday, May 24, 2010


yelah, yesterday was my b'day..tapi i was busy with my cousin's wedding..xsempat nak celebrate pn..however, thanks for ppl who wish me!!you guys made my day!!(evebtho i tau yang facebook yg ingatkan the date..huha)..THANKSSSS!!LOVE U GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!!

ps/Fara..had so much fun hanging out with u today..

pps/ still waiting for b'day wishes from my montot coz he was so busy being busy and hating his new job..nak wish laah!!