Thursday, November 6, 2014

implant as a birth control method

Three months after giving birth to my lovely Lily Aaliyah, i decided to go for implant. Actually, i have been doing research about it and find it as the best birth control method for me. 

There are a lot of other method that u can try. for me personally, i was considering either to use the pill or the implant. Aaannd i choose to go with the implant since Birth Control Pill is totally not for me sebab i ni jenis pelupa and u need to take the pill at the SAME time EVERYDAY. in other words u need to have the pill with u everytime. 

Where to get the implant and who will 'plant' it for u?
Well, as i went for prengnancy check up and gave birth at Hospital Putrajaya, my OBGYN offer to help me to put the implant. All i have to do is purchase the implant. (the nurse at OBGYN clicin ade simpan stok at that time) So, under FPP (Full Paying Patient ) treatment, i just paid RM60 for registration fee and RM250 for the implant. The name of the implant is IMPLANON. The implant is for three years. The other option is to go to LPPKN (Lembaga Penduduk dan Pambangunan Keluarga Negara). Ni macam klinik perancang keluarga for goverment lah.. Im sure they will not charge u that much. another option is to go for private. But from the news ive been heariong from my friends, if u went to private, they will charge u around RM600-800 or maybe more.So, why waste your money on something that u can actually get at cheaper price right? Another thing is, i dont think u can get\do the implant at klinik kesihatan. U have to go to lppkn if u want to use government service.

The process to put the implant tu sgt sekejap. Doctor akan bius tempat yg die nak letak implant tu, then, cucuk implant tu kat bawah kulit lengan kanan or kiri(up to patient lah). Mine i letak kat sebelah kiri.Lepas tu doctor balut tempat implant tu and bgtau akan rase sengal2 tangan for couple of days. tap for me, mmg xde sengal2 langsung. Ok je. Xde sakit pape. Tapi, bile tgk kat tempat implat tu, boleh nampak lah lebam kat lengan tu. Sehari lepas pasang implant tu, i ade dizzy2 and muntah sikit. Sbb hormon dalam badan tengah berubah kan..badan tgh nak adjust. A day after that terus ok. Sampai lah sekarang. 

Semua bende yg kite amik (medicine) mesti ade side effect kan..even paracetamol(panadol) pn ade side effect jugak but for me so far, nothing to obvious. lain org lain side effect die towards drugs.
so, before making any decisions make sure u do your research first. If you are seriuos about planning your family, make sure you use the best method that suits u.

So, that is my experience for implant. hope it helps!