Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bangkok Trip

So, for my husband birthday i planned a trip to Bangkok city! Did some research for couple weeks for place to visit and Halal food in Bangkok. Our trip was for 5 days 4 nights. Booked our flight with AirAsia and hotel at Agoda.

Amanta Hotel and Residence Ratchada

I was expecting a normal hotel room but what we had was totally amazing room complete with kitchen, living room, washer and tub..the room was PERFECT!! hotel service was good too. MRT station (Thai cultural village station) was 5 minutes walk away. Totally convenient.

our room..pretty neat huh..

First day

On our first day we were just enjoying our room. Went out to check things out around the hotel. there are Tesco just around the corner.(About 10 minutes walk) We shop for some baby food.and instant noodles. then, we had our lunch at McD since there were no Halal restaurant in Tesco area. i have to say that McD in Bangkok is a little bit overprice. After that we went to the other side of the hotel and take a walk at the mall there call Platinum mall. it was a pretty big mall complete with cinema. Few interesting cafe inside too.
daddy and daughter enjoying their walk

Second day

Our main itinerary for second day is the Chatuchak weekend market. Totally a must go place if u visit Bangkok. Kinda like central market in KL. Went there by MRT straight from the station near our hotel (Thailand Cultural Village Station).
Chatuchak Park

Overall, Chatuchak market is a fun place to do window shopping. We also treat ourselves to some foot massage here. And it was Goooooooodd...especially after a day of walking..ok..half day..haha

I would totally recommend this massage place to all of u. The masseuses are friendly. They even play around with lily which is nice coz usually people get annoyed when u bring your kids along anywhere.

 Go find this massage parlour if u ever want to get a massage in Chatuchak Market
(i have no idea how u guys ever gonna find this place..the market is a mazee..haha)

Checking out the goods

Since it was my dear husband birthday, we decided to go check some of the recommended Halal restaurant in Bangkok area. The one restaurant that i found in the net is Yana restaurant. A lot of good reviews from people so, we decided to go there for lunch. 

Yana Restaurant located at MBK Mall

All food looks good..Maybe because we're starrvingg

Didn't even get to take before pic of the food coz we finished it in a second..haha

Food at Yana is good. Price is also affordable. Standard price for restaurant food i'd say. We actually came here twice during our trip. that is how good the food is..haha.. the waiter/est are friendly too which is another reason why i like this place. 
ps: Their Kerabu mangga are to die for..sedapppnyeee.. still teringat sampai sekarang..

After lunch we decided to just walk around bangkok town. we went to Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok and visit few malls along the way.

Siam Center

Siam Paragon

We finish the day by celebrating daddy's bday in our room. A Birthday is incomplete without a cake right.. Happy Birthday my love!

Day Three

We start our day quite late on day three since it was a bit dark in the morning. In the afternoon we decided to go visit some of temple along Choa Phraya river.

 We made a rookie mistake by buying the chao phraya express boat ticket. The ticket valid for the day to any stop u want along choa phraya river. But, since we start our tour in the afternoon, we only get to 2 stops. Not worth the money. It is better to take the orange flag boat that cost u around 10-15 bath per trip. The Chao Phraya Express cost us 40 bath/way.

So,  the first temple we visit is Wat Pho (Temple of reclining buddha). Cost us 100bath/person and they gave u free drinking water.

Area around the temple area

Us - being silly

Well, i manage to take pic of the buddha head and foot..haha..There are too many people and limited space to is impossible to take a decent photo..

here's is the pic of the back of the buddha head.. i thought it look like durian which is why i took em..haha

sakat budak..haha

after the visit at wat pho, we decided to go to Asitique. A hip night market in Bangkok. there are a lot of restaurant in asiatique. but non-halal of coz. You can opt for seafood but most of the restaurant are not pork free. there is one kebab cart in asiatique that sells halal kebab. But that's about it. I notice a vegetarian restaurant too. But didn't try it.

Nice sign..even nicer at night actually..

We just stroll along the river, do few rounds in the night market and some window shopping. We also decided to take a ride on their ferris wheel. 

300 bath per person which i personally think quite expensive.

Semua cuak sebenarnye nih..

We stop for coffee and hot choc before heading back to our hotel. 

Hot choc + Caramel macchiato

That's the end of day three of our trip. will update on the rest of the trip when i have the time.