Tuesday, November 5, 2013

After a year post - summary of one year journey

Oh wow! its has been a year already??
i've been busy with being pregnant and raising a baby..haha

so, what happen in one year? oohh..soo many awesome things happen for the pass one year.

February- One of my best girl, Shafini get married.

The pretty2 bride

The bride and groom

                                                                  the hantaran girls

i was around 6 months pregnant 

all of us-the geng mengaji

Reception day

Love for the bride and groom

the reception was held at Setia city convention city. it was such a lovely and pretty place. the reception was simple and beautiful. so happy for Shafini and Harriz. 

April - Fraser Hills Trip

Another friends of us were getting married on june so, we decide to celebrate her "last two months of being single' at fraser hills. we did her bacheloratte party there too. unfortunately, i did not snap any pictures. =(
 there, we stay at Shell house- thanks to Zainur. the place was spacious and super comfy. The house that we stayed in only have two huge rooms. So, we saperate the room to boys and girls room. The room is so big it can fit 10 people or more i think..haha

took some picture before heading home

me at 7 months - so huge


love u guys to the moon and back

the future bride and groom (at that moment 'future' lah..haha)

unfortunately we (my husband and i) cannot attend sakinah and farhan's wedding coz im close to giving birth. sorry guys..we still love u tho..=)

June 19 2013- the birth of our princess

this is the highlight of my 2013. the labor was a super long journey and i'll tell all about it inn other post.
Here is some of my baby pictures. Meet my love, Noorlily Aaliyah Binti Mohd Shukri

my baby at 1 day old

Facetime with daddy

Hair so thick mommy's jealous.

'baby, mommy loves u so much. More than she loves herself. may u grow up as a good girl, good muslim, and a good daughter.'