Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bangkok Trip

So, for my husband birthday i planned a trip to Bangkok city! Did some research for couple weeks for place to visit and Halal food in Bangkok. Our trip was for 5 days 4 nights. Booked our flight with AirAsia and hotel at Agoda.

Amanta Hotel and Residence Ratchada

I was expecting a normal hotel room but what we had was totally amazing room complete with kitchen, living room, washer and tub..the room was PERFECT!! hotel service was good too. MRT station (Thai cultural village station) was 5 minutes walk away. Totally convenient.

our room..pretty neat huh..

First day

On our first day we were just enjoying our room. Went out to check things out around the hotel. there are Tesco just around the corner.(About 10 minutes walk) We shop for some baby food.and instant noodles. then, we had our lunch at McD since there were no Halal restaurant in Tesco area. i have to say that McD in Bangkok is a little bit overprice. After that we went to the other side of the hotel and take a walk at the mall there call Platinum mall. it was a pretty big mall complete with cinema. Few interesting cafe inside too.
daddy and daughter enjoying their walk

Second day

Our main itinerary for second day is the Chatuchak weekend market. Totally a must go place if u visit Bangkok. Kinda like central market in KL. Went there by MRT straight from the station near our hotel (Thailand Cultural Village Station).
Chatuchak Park

Overall, Chatuchak market is a fun place to do window shopping. We also treat ourselves to some foot massage here. And it was Goooooooodd...especially after a day of walking..ok..half day..haha

I would totally recommend this massage place to all of u. The masseuses are friendly. They even play around with lily which is nice coz usually people get annoyed when u bring your kids along anywhere.

 Go find this massage parlour if u ever want to get a massage in Chatuchak Market
(i have no idea how u guys ever gonna find this place..the market is a mazee..haha)

Checking out the goods

Since it was my dear husband birthday, we decided to go check some of the recommended Halal restaurant in Bangkok area. The one restaurant that i found in the net is Yana restaurant. A lot of good reviews from people so, we decided to go there for lunch. 

Yana Restaurant located at MBK Mall

All food looks good..Maybe because we're starrvingg

Didn't even get to take before pic of the food coz we finished it in a second..haha

Food at Yana is good. Price is also affordable. Standard price for restaurant food i'd say. We actually came here twice during our trip. that is how good the food is..haha.. the waiter/est are friendly too which is another reason why i like this place. 
ps: Their Kerabu mangga are to die for..sedapppnyeee.. still teringat sampai sekarang..

After lunch we decided to just walk around bangkok town. we went to Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok and visit few malls along the way.

Siam Center

Siam Paragon

We finish the day by celebrating daddy's bday in our room. A Birthday is incomplete without a cake right.. Happy Birthday my love!

Day Three

We start our day quite late on day three since it was a bit dark in the morning. In the afternoon we decided to go visit some of temple along Choa Phraya river.

 We made a rookie mistake by buying the chao phraya express boat ticket. The ticket valid for the day to any stop u want along choa phraya river. But, since we start our tour in the afternoon, we only get to 2 stops. Not worth the money. It is better to take the orange flag boat that cost u around 10-15 bath per trip. The Chao Phraya Express cost us 40 bath/way.

So,  the first temple we visit is Wat Pho (Temple of reclining buddha). Cost us 100bath/person and they gave u free drinking water.

Area around the temple area

Us - being silly

Well, i manage to take pic of the buddha head and foot..haha..There are too many people and limited space to is impossible to take a decent photo..

here's is the pic of the back of the buddha head.. i thought it look like durian which is why i took em..haha

sakat budak..haha

after the visit at wat pho, we decided to go to Asitique. A hip night market in Bangkok. there are a lot of restaurant in asiatique. but non-halal of coz. You can opt for seafood but most of the restaurant are not pork free. there is one kebab cart in asiatique that sells halal kebab. But that's about it. I notice a vegetarian restaurant too. But didn't try it.

Nice sign..even nicer at night actually..

We just stroll along the river, do few rounds in the night market and some window shopping. We also decided to take a ride on their ferris wheel. 

300 bath per person which i personally think quite expensive.

Semua cuak sebenarnye nih..

We stop for coffee and hot choc before heading back to our hotel. 

Hot choc + Caramel macchiato

That's the end of day three of our trip. will update on the rest of the trip when i have the time.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

implant as a birth control method

Three months after giving birth to my lovely Lily Aaliyah, i decided to go for implant. Actually, i have been doing research about it and find it as the best birth control method for me. 

There are a lot of other method that u can try. for me personally, i was considering either to use the pill or the implant. Aaannd i choose to go with the implant since Birth Control Pill is totally not for me sebab i ni jenis pelupa and u need to take the pill at the SAME time EVERYDAY. in other words u need to have the pill with u everytime. 

Where to get the implant and who will 'plant' it for u?
Well, as i went for prengnancy check up and gave birth at Hospital Putrajaya, my OBGYN offer to help me to put the implant. All i have to do is purchase the implant. (the nurse at OBGYN clicin ade simpan stok at that time) So, under FPP (Full Paying Patient ) treatment, i just paid RM60 for registration fee and RM250 for the implant. The name of the implant is IMPLANON. The implant is for three years. The other option is to go to LPPKN (Lembaga Penduduk dan Pambangunan Keluarga Negara). Ni macam klinik perancang keluarga for goverment lah.. Im sure they will not charge u that much. another option is to go for private. But from the news ive been heariong from my friends, if u went to private, they will charge u around RM600-800 or maybe more.So, why waste your money on something that u can actually get at cheaper price right? Another thing is, i dont think u can get\do the implant at klinik kesihatan. U have to go to lppkn if u want to use government service.

The process to put the implant tu sgt sekejap. Doctor akan bius tempat yg die nak letak implant tu, then, cucuk implant tu kat bawah kulit lengan kanan or kiri(up to patient lah). Mine i letak kat sebelah kiri.Lepas tu doctor balut tempat implant tu and bgtau akan rase sengal2 tangan for couple of days. tap for me, mmg xde sengal2 langsung. Ok je. Xde sakit pape. Tapi, bile tgk kat tempat implat tu, boleh nampak lah lebam kat lengan tu. Sehari lepas pasang implant tu, i ade dizzy2 and muntah sikit. Sbb hormon dalam badan tengah berubah kan..badan tgh nak adjust. A day after that terus ok. Sampai lah sekarang. 

Semua bende yg kite amik (medicine) mesti ade side effect kan..even paracetamol(panadol) pn ade side effect jugak but for me so far, nothing to obvious. lain org lain side effect die towards drugs.
so, before making any decisions make sure u do your research first. If you are seriuos about planning your family, make sure you use the best method that suits u.

So, that is my experience for implant. hope it helps!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Noorlily Aaliyah first birthday

So, last June I organised a little birthday celebration for my baby. I tried to make it as simple as possible since budget is a bit tight. Tried to hired a photographer but they cancel on me last minute so i cant get any replacement. so, sorry if xberape banyak picture. picture yang ada pn I took from other people and my phone camera.

We did the celebration at our place. Start from 3 till 7. Saje buat teatime since our place sangat panas in the noon. We did pink and purple theme. I made a chocholate fountain table for the guest. Borrowed the fountain from a friend. He even gave us the chocholate for free.(Thanks Shafiq!! =)).
I prepared fruits and marshmallow to dip in the chocolate. Fruits are startfruit, grapes, apple, and honeydew. Marshmallow I bought from Giant. All decoration are bought from Kaison,Paradigm Mall.

Chocolate fountain table with purple and pink ballons.

Guest enjoying the fountain.

For food, my mom and mother in law helps to prepare mee curry and mee soup. With some desserts aside.

Roti jala!! Totally DEEElishhh!



For guest entertaiment, we prepared ball in the pool for the kids.

Baaaaalllll!!! yaaayyy!!

Also bought a bubble machine. Lily playing wuth the bubble.

Cutting cake!

Cake is super cute from Bisou. Rainbow cake. Sangat sedap keh..

Happy birthday girl with her friends and uncle Hadi.

Lily and Tok Mak and Tok Mama


Overall, the party's a big success. Thanks to all who came and make the party a great one.. =)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

hemorrhoids aka buasir and sakit kulit masa pregnant

Ok..topic cam malu untuk org yang cari info pasal ni ,nak bgtau my personal experience la..masa pregnant ngn lily dulu, 2-2 ni I kene..

First hemorrhoids aka buasir..mmg malu kot nak admit kene for pregnant parent, jgn segan..kene buasir mase mengandung adalah bende biasa..kalau xkene tu korang mmg nasib baik lah.. i kene mase tu tgh pregnant 5 bulan..masa I kene tu mmg sakit gile..tido pn xlena..asyik2 nak gi toilet sbb xselesa sgt2..3-4 hari jugak la menahan sakit..dgn harapan sakit tu hilang sendiri..jangan la korang buat perangai macam I ni..cepat2 la gi jumpe doktor.. die akan bg ubat yg macam bullet masuk kat ehem2 u so that senang nk buang air besar..n also cream sapu..with 2-3 days xsilap I,hemorrhoids tu ok dah..xsakit, if u kene mase pregnant tu jgn la malu2 ye..terus gi doctor n minum air banyak2..

Then, masuk 40 weeks pregnant, kene sakit kulit gatal2..ya allah..rase terseksa sgt sakit gatal2 ni..sbb xleh nak buat ape2..doktor pn xleh nak bg ubat..diorg cakap ubat die ialah bersalin..bile gatal2 tu datang, I garu kat tangan,die naik gatal tu sampai kat lengan..pastu naik bintat2 satu lengan..satu badan kot jadi gatal2 kat muka xde...bile garu jadi luka2 kulit..mmg xleh digambarkan dgn kata2 kegatalan nih..sampai garu badan gune sikat lah!!.doaa sgt jgn la ade org lain kene sakit camni..seksa sangat..da la tgh tunggu nak bersalin.. calamine lotion yg doktor bg pn xmembantu ape2..yg membantu ialah letak ais kat tempat gatal tu..bile letak ais die cam kebas2 so gatal tu hilang..
Masa nak bersalin sampai doktor pn tegur apesal dgn badan naik luka2 rash2..malu rase nye..huhu..
Lepas bersalin die xhilang terus pn..sikit2 die the time abis pantang baru la betul2 xde dah gatal tu...
Ni tgn I mase kene gatal2 tu..buruk sangat..alhamdullilah sekarang scar pn xde..

Kalau ade sape2 kene ni I feel soo sorry for u..bersabar lah..n try la not to garu..(tp I tau sangat xleh sbb gatal gilee kott)..kalau x,bertanda2 lah badan cam I..huhuuu

Monday, July 21, 2014

Kene road range kat kawasan taman rumah..

Today dah 23 hari puasa if xsilap..betullah Allah kata puasa nih bukan hanya menahan nafsu lapar dahaga je..tapi tahan macam2 lagi..tahan nafsu shopping, nafsu tido and also nafsu marah..
Masyallah..time2 tgh lapa memang senang nak marah orang..arini i kene marah gile2 ngn 'kakak kiki'.. ok..xtau name die tapi sebab tgh heboh cakap pasal kiki marah2 uncle,meh la bg name kakak ni pon kiki jugak..

Arini pegi selayang keje..keje2 tak sedar dah lewat mase drive tu terus drive balik rumah..sampai2 rumah dalam 430 (awal gak tu) terus semayang zohor sbb xsolat lagi..abis solat turun bawah masak2 untuk berbuka..buat sambal goreng ngn sayur petola goreng..sediakan ayam untuk goreng later. Dalam kol 530 dah settle. Cepat2 solat asar and keluar nak amik lily sbb taska tutup pukul 6.

Masa nak keluar simpang rumah tu (still dalam taman), i slow down kete tapi tak stop. Tgk2 macam xde kete so, keluar la simpang..rupa2nye ade kete tgh jalan..serious xnampak..maybe sbb i xstop betul2 kan..totally my fault. Kereta tu punya lah marah, honk panjang2.'Hooooooooonnnkkk!!!!' Amboi marah betul..Pandang la muka driver tu ingat nak cakap sorry, sekali die ngn muka marah tunjuk middle finger kat i..Betul2 marah tu..(ni nak bgtau jiran satu taman tau)..i pon macam xpuas hati jugak kenape sampai nak tunjuk middle finger bagai..honk panjang2 tu pn da cukup menyedarkan kesalahan i ni kot..memang i ngaku i salah pn xstop betul2. So, i gostan la kete nak cakap sorry betul2 kat kakak kiki ni. bile i bukak je tingkap, die terus marah2 tengking2..isi kandungan da tak berapa nak ingat..tapi die memang marah betul lah kat i nih..i pn cakap kat dia.."saye mintak maaf kak..tapi akak xpayah la sampai nak tunjuk2 middle finger kat saye'..die xpuas hati lagi...tengking2 i lagi..marah2 lagi...i cakap..'Kak, bulan puasa ni kak..dah la tu.." ehhhhh xjalannn...die tengking lagi, 'ade lesen ke tak?ko ni ade lesen ke tak.??' i dah buat muka dah..kakak ni meroyan betul2 marah ni..bulan2 puasa ni memang senang sangat nak snap kat org..i xde lah tengking2 die..cakap elok2 je la..kang tengking same tengking xabis cite pulak...pastu ade kete stop kat belakang die nak lalu...die still marah2 lagi..i dah xtau nak cakap ape, terus cakap kuat2 'dah la tu kak, ASTAGHFIRULLAHHALAZIIIIIIIMMMMMM'... Kakak kiki ni stil tak puas hati, sebelum die blah die jerit kuat2 kat i 'IIISHH... BOOODOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!"

Dia ni jiran satu lorong kat belakang je..bukan jauh sangat pn rumah die. Mmg boleh je nak cari kalau nak cari tapi xde la nak buat kan...bile cite kat husband terus die nak gi cari org tu marah die tap i cakap lek je laahhh...bulan2 pose nih mmg senang nak snap2 marah kat org...nanti die sendiri malu lah tu...xpe..xkisah pn...even tho ade sikit sedih la tetibe nak marah meroyan2 camtu kat kite macam die perfect sangat je..huhu..ok da start kutuk plak..xelok2..stop kat sini je lah ye..

so, pengajarannye,
1-nak keluar simpang stop elok2
2-Banyak2 lah bersabar bawak kete
3-Duduk berjiran ni kene la jaga adap sket..kalau dah bg middle finger, panggil orang bodoh sme tu agak2 boleh ke nak baik2 ngn jiran?

ps: Nak maafkan ke tak kakak nih? hati ade sikit sakit jugak..tapi takpe lah.. i forgive u kakak kiki muka arab cantik tapi marah meroyan kat saye. Semoga awak sedar awak ni xpandai nak handle things elok2 n banyak2kan lah bersabar bile marah..

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pengalaman Lasik With Prof Muhaya

Harini genap sebulan buat lasik with prof muhaya. Alhamdulillah..semuanya pun keep improving..

Why Lasik and Why With Prof Muhaya?

Sebenarnye da lame dah rasa nak buat lasik ni. Tapi kedudukan kewangan xberape nak mengizinkan. Early this year, tiba2 rasa macam vision semakin kurang terang. So, expect power da makin naik lah.. i've been wearing glasses since i was 9 years old.. that time firsty power is 300 for both eyes. Tinggi gile kan?? Last check up dulu power tahap kalau xpakai glasses or lenses mmg teraba2 cari barang..bangun tido,raba2 cari spek..abis smayang raba2 cari spek..mmg kronik..and im just 28 years old keh.. So, bile rasa power cam makin naik, memang terus decide nak buat lasik. Kalau xbuat lasik, power dah naik 1000++ dah xleh pakai lenses. Kene pakai glasses all the time since power paling tinggi untuk contact lens ialah 1000.

First thing i did before doing lasik is research about lasik. One of my friend did lasik at optimax ttdi. So, i ask for her experiences. I also baca a few blog about other people experiences. Tapi bile nak buat lasik nih bende first yang nak tahu ialah HARGA. Most of the blog tak cakap pn harga so kite pn xboleh nak agak budget kan.. So, i start emailing optimax. Their package is a bit expensive. For normal lasik (bukan smile procedure) price started at rm4000 per eye and depends on your eye condition (which i do not know what) and for SMILE procedure their price started at RM6000 per eye also depends on your eye jugak la...xsure la kalau lagi tinggi power lagi tinggi price ke ape kan..

For Prof Muhaya package, kat facebook die dah terang2 tulis under 35 years old RM6990, 35 years old and above RM7990. So, i mmg comfortable to go to Prof Muhaya sebab dah bgtau price siap2. Total price okeh. Bukan per eye. And xkira power tinggi ke rendah ke, memang tu price die. I also ask them what happen if my cornea is not thick enough to do lasik after eye examination? They said i only have to pay for eye examination which is around RM800. So, price memang da bagi bulat2. Datang bawak je duit tu. Xde extra2 charge.

Eye Examination Day 

Before doing eye examination, for contact lenses wearer, u need to not wear your contact lenses for about 10 days. Sebab nak mengelakkan mata kering. The optometrist told me there were cases where patients eyes were too dry, they have to wait for another week before they can perform surgery. Masa hari eye examination tu memang nervous habis. Sebab takut x suitable for lasik. Memang berharap sangat dapat buat lasik ni..yelah power dah 1000+. I really do not want to wear glasses for the rest of my life. Dalam examination room tu ade 4-5 machines. They check for your cornea thickness, saraf, night vision and lain2. memang sepanjang examination tu hati berdebar2. Selawat je la banyak2 harap dipermudahkan segala urusan. After that, masuk another room jumpe optometrist dia. Da lupa nama dia. But a really nice woman. Masa tgh buat power check up,(yang baca2 huruf tu) tiba2 optometrist tu kene keluar. Lama jugak la menunggu. Bila die datang balik rupa2nya ada patient yang mata die xsesuai untuk buat lasik and dia macam breakdown kat situ. Kesian sangat. Sebab memang dapat bayangkan perasaan dia.

After power check up, the optometrist terangkan tentang Visumax procedure. She also explain about SMILE procedure. SMILE ni new technology. Beza dgn Visumax ialah SMILE procedure flapless. Maknenye die only do a small cut on your eyes while Visumax kene buat a bigger cut sebab die kene flap your eye membrane before they laser it. So, it is fast healing and better sebab only small incision was made on your eyes. You can do more research about SMILE kalau nak tau lagi lanjut. With Prof Muhaya, SMILE package is RM11000 for both eyes. After that, die check whether your eyes is dry or not by putting some sort of paper at your eyeline.( macam kertas litmus yang test pH tu..haha) Then, baru lah dapat jumpe Prof muhaya check up dengan die. After check up with prof muhaya, we decide to do SMILE procedure and schedule my surgery the next day.

Surgery Day

Hari yang I buat surgery tu memang ramai ornag nak buat surgery jugak. Appointment at 3pm but we were there by 230pm. However, base on my observation, diorang buat sapa yang datang dulu buat surgery dulu. X ikut pn apointment pukul berapa. Quite kelam kabut jugak lah. Last2 my turn pukul 630pm baru dapat masuk surgery room. Masa masuk tu memang berdebar2. Tapi Prof Muhaya sangat baik and lembut. Macam2 nasihat die bg supaya kita tak nervous. Even masa tgh surgery tu pn dia bercakap2 dgn kita suruh tenangkan diri, bagi kata2 semangat kat kita. Still tergiang2 lagi dia cakap 'Azimah, you're doing good, very good, your are a very good patient azimah' . Nervous tu kurang sikit. Sepanjang procedure tu kene fokus betul2. Jangan gerak2 anak mata. Kene tenang. Kalau x, doktor pn susah nak buat kerja die. Xsakit pn procedure lasik ni. Just I banyak terkejut2 lah sbb ade bende pegang mata kite kan..huhu..Also, masa surgery, dia ada sediakan glass room untuk family member tgk kita masa tgh surgery tu. So my father in law ngn husband pn sakan jugak la amik video and gambar. haha

Bila da siap surgery tu, terus terang dunia. Memang sangat bersyukur sebab semuanya berjalan lancar. Cuba bayangkan sebelum ni kalau xpakai spek, muka orang yg depan kita blur2 je tapi now nampak terang. Ya Allah... Subahanallah.. Sgt2 emosional masa tu. Menangis2 kat depan Prof. Pastu dia pulak bagi nasihat2 macam2 lagi lah sayu2 hati ni.. Alhamdulillah nikmat penglihatan sempurna yg Allah tarik 21 tahun dah dapat balik. Merasa xpakai cermin mata. Memang sangat seronok. Terima kasih sangat kat Prof Muhaya and syukur alhamdulillah.

After Surgery

After surgery, mata sangat sensitive to light. For me, i xleh nak bukak mata langsung sepanjang perjalanan balik rumah. Malam pn xleh nak tgk lampu. Duduk rmh pakai sunglasses. Terus tido sbb xtahan mata pedih. tambah pulak tiba2 hidung tersumbat 2-2 belah sebab menangis banyak sangat pas surgery tadi..huhu..lagi lah xselesa. However, the next day everything was ok. Mata still sensitive tapi xdelah sampai xleh bukak mata. sunglasses kene pakai everytime keluar rumah. Nurse cakap kene pakai up to 1 month.. tapi ikut patient condition jugak lah..some, after 2 weeks da ok dah keluar rumah tanpa sunglasses. For SMILE procedure ni, eventho vision improve after surgery, still ada blur2 lagi. But it will improve in time. Jangan risau2. I did my research and they said your vision will improve completely 3-6 months after surgery. But for me, now dah sebulan buat, memang ade improvement lah. Just malam2 still xleh nak drive sebab lampu tu still nampak blur. Macam rabun silau tu. Insyaallah akan improve jugak sooner or later.

So, that's it my experience doing lasik with prof Muhaya. Ada gambar2 and video but maybe upload later sebab semua dalam phone husband.huhu. Hopefully this helps sesiapa yg tgh buat research on doing lasik or tgh ragu2 nak buat ke x..

till next post...

With prof muhaya after eye check up

Monday, May 19, 2014

Attack of the strep infection and chicken pox

2 weeks ago, my baby got strep infection near her right eye. at first it was only a small cut near the eye but then the cut get bigger and starting to spread to the eyelid. First we thought it was nothing but a visit to specialist gave us the scare. He said the infection near the eye can cause the bacteria to go inside the eye and finally infect the brain.We were lucky we go to doctor early. he gave lily oral antibiotics and some cream antibiotic. Within few days the eye no longer swelling and the cut began to heal.

Meanwhile, while she's recovering from her strep infection, she got infected with chicken pox. I presume she got it from taska. Kesian sangat my baby with chicken pox. Luckily she's a strong fever and tak merengek2. Doctor gave her cream for the spot and ubat tahan gatal to her. she stay home for 2 weeks.

Now, mommy got infected with chicken pox. i never had chicken pox when i was a kid which is why i easily got infected. i have to tell u, it is horribleeeeee!!! all my hard work to take care of my face now go down to drain.Pox all over the face. And I should  be celebrating my birthday this friday. I feel soooo lucky!!haha
Just hoping this pox will go away as soon as possible.

Strep infection..mula2 kene kat bawah mulut..

Yg ni masa die dah merebak kat mata..mula2 luka kecik je kat corner mata then die makan sampai kat kelopak mata...sian sgt anak mommy...

Kene pakai socks kat tgn sbb xmau lily garu

Budak chicken pox