Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First entry

So, this is my first entry of the blog.welcome to mee..hihi
Been thinking 'bout starting a blog for a while but i was just too lazy.
Since i just finished my finals for winter quarter and have nothing better to do, tulis blog laaa..=)
Tadi baru lepas makan dinner with Raimi,Hanis, Ackie n Ina. Hanis masak nasik lemak with ayam berempah + sotong tempura and ina make dessert*indian dessert with unknown name*haha
kitorang try to gather once a week since amy ajak kitorang makan homemade pizza die yg super duper sedap. Last week buat ayam panggang and Thai ice tea. sedih pulak bile fikir2 balik tinggal 1 quarter je lagi kat RIT. gonna miss this place sooo much!
so, that's my first entry for the blog=)
and here's some of the food's pics for tonight..

the dessert's kuah

ayam berempah hanis

sambal, telur

sotong tempura

The complete nasi lemak

The complete dessert