Thursday, November 1, 2012

Phuket Trip /Guide

For our first anniversary we decided to go to Phuket for some vacation :)
We bought the airline tix from Airasia promotion for Rm103 return flight /person. Thank you Airasia for such cheap tickets!! hehe. 

before boarding at lcct =)
(face are heavily photoshop coz sememeh)

We book our hotel through Super great deal! only RM729 for 5days 4 nights stay with daily breakfast +1 dinner + massage..The hotel name is Sensive Hills. A luxury hotel at Kathu area. The staffs here  are super friendly and helpful. The hotel are a perfect stay for honeymooners and people who come to phuket to escape the busy life. 

in front of the lobby

Juicy watermelon juice upon checking in

view outside our room

Our room
The room is quite small, so we upgraded to a much bigger room the next day for rm50/day. Not bad huh? =)

 the upgraded room with study table and bath tub

This room is much more comfy and spacious and we love it!!

View outside our new room

naked lady outside our room

 nice view from lobby to our room

the Hotel's pool

First day 
So, for the first day we decided to do some island hoping. Also bought the package at for rm289 for 2 person. they also provide transfer from hotel. However, u can actually get much cheaper price if u go to Patong beach. They have lots of promotion counter for trips and shows around phuket. Some of the tourist we met says they get a very good deal for james bond island tour.( they said they paid rm120. if u search online the tour is around rm300) pretty good deal huh? the trip start around 9am.

Some caves


 it took one hour to get to this first island
 Maya bay
we went on weekend so there are a lot of people at the beach. NOT a good idea to go on weekend

Super pretty beach tho.

We only stay for 30 minutes at Maya beach. enough time for us to go to toilet and take some pics. After that we went for snorkeling. No pic's taken since we both too busy looking for fish in the sea. Snorkelling is not that fun here. they only give us 30 mins and there's nothing interesting to look at. Pulau Perhentian is a MMMUUUUCCHHH better place to snorkel.. then we went to some island(i forgot the name) for lunch. they serve some fish and chicken, rice, and noodles but no pork. we did not eat the chicken tho since they did not say it's halal or not.

Then, we went to Khai bay to do some sunbathing and relaxing.

 they gave us some watermelon and pineapples and soda (free with the tour)
have to pay 150 bath(rm15) for 2 seats

unfortunately, 30 minutes after we arrive at Khai bay, it started raining...booooo. we stay in the boat after that and some of the people keep playing in the rain.

 they have to close the umbrella coz they afraid the wind will blow it awayy

Went back to hotel around 6pm.. overall, the trip was okay and can be more awesome if rain did not come..=)

Second day
Since the transportation in Phuket can be quit expensive, we decided to rent a motorcycle for rm25/day (from our hotel). Taxi are super expensive here. it'll cost rm40 (400bath) for trip to patong which is only 7km away. cars will cost 1500bath/day and gas are like 400bath/liter (which is super expensive since malaysian only pay 190bath(rm1.90)/liter gas.

We have no plans so, we just ride the bike and decided to go to the premium outlet. They have super bad review over the net but we have to check it out since we love outlets!hehe

cute tree in the outlet

Well, the outlet is BAAAADDDD! dont go there unless u dont mind wasting your money on cab. we ride bike so, we dont really care. lots of empty store. nothing cheap or worth buying. Most of the shop are under renovation or just undergo renovation so the shop smells like some sort of chemical and i CANNOT breath inside the shop. i have no idea how the worker survive the smell! The only good thing is LEVI'S having 40% off sales the next day so, we decided to come back next day.

Patong Beach trip everyday

For the next three days, we went to patong beach everyday since we have no tour guide and no idea where to go. Haha.. it's a good idea to have a tour guide. i have no idea how much they cost but, if u dont want to wonder around phuket like we did, then get a tour guide!

Patong town 

 Patong beach

 Our motobike

 Jersey shopping

 Shop till drop

 Lunch at award winning italian restaurant ROMA

 im hungryyy

 Tuna Pizza

 It's delisshhh... only cost us 210 bath 

 it is always raining at 4pm in phuket

us in raining coat..haha

On the last night before we leave Phuket we decided to watch a cabaret show. we actually want to watch Simon Cabaret Show but it cost us 800bath and no transfer(they only provide transfer for hotel in patong area). when we we strolling along Patong beach, we saw a booth with promotion for the Aphrodite Cabaret Show. We only pay 450 bath(RM45) including free drink (which later we find out is only for mineral water) and free transfer from hotel.   

 my husband with one of the 'girls'

 the free drinks

No pictures during the show so, sorry.. but they (the 'girls') are really, really, really pretty...the show are basically they singing and dancing to chinese, korean, english and russian songs. i give them 2.5/5. im not that entertained. mostly because the person who's sitting in front of me are super annoying! he keep talking to his friend throughout the show and keep checking the back. also, he keep moving his head and it's damn difficult for me to enjoy the show. if i have no patience, i probably would have kick his head!(ahhh..sabar...sabarrr)

last day in phuket

last day in Phuket, we decided to wonder around the old Phuket town

 my head looks funneh with the helmet

 what i can see in thailand is, they really, really, really love their king

 second trip to their premium outlet

 dogs in phuket love to sleep. i saw them everywhere...sleeping

us before boading for Kuala Lumpur...home sweet homee!